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There's a new app for the paranoid among us, it lets you track a stolen device, make it scream, lock it, even wipe it and it's also an Anti-Virus scanner. Best yet... it's free. There is a $2.99 in app purchase, but it remains free if you don't buy it.
The downside:
It's $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year.
Plus side:
Remote wipe, remote backup, anti-virus, signal flare - saves the device location before the battery runs out, lock cam - takes a picture and emails it with the location if someone tries to unlock the phone 3 times or enters 3 incorrect passwords, and does a scheduled backup and AV. ... kout&hl=en
It's also available for iOS too.

It also supports multiple devices on one account.

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I hope they tested that remote wipe feature really well lol.

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ive got something called anti droid theft, had a play with it and it seems ok

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