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Release dates:

Mainland Europe 9th May
Australia and New Zealand 10th May
UK and Ireland 11th May

Sadly is only available on disc, maybe one day I'll have a fully working PS3
Shopto: £39.85 £37.99
Amazon: £37.99

Looks like are seriously loosing their competitive edge

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IGN reckon it's the best multiplayer experience going on PS3 (or console period?), but the campaign is a bit wank story-wise.

I played the beta quite a bit, and unless they have put something in place to stop cunts selling your buildings to place their own (or each person has a private building allocation which would be my preference) they can stick it.

Plus, the 'hawks now don't fly as nicely as in Warhawk IMO. The walkers are weak as shit (2 rockets - really?).

But to be fair, a lot could have changed since I played it. It was fun for a while...

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I didn't like Warhawk I doubt I would like Starhawk.

BEEPLEFIELD 3 - it is all about locks, unlocks and small cocks!
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