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I'm after Epic Enchanted Plate Glove and Helmet for my squire.
Preferably level 15+ and untouched.

In exchange:
Godly armour 2x pieces, 1x coat 1x gloves (unknown type)

also wanted: Chrystal Tracker untouched and high level.

All for Summit Insane Solo.

Money waiting.
Might even pay CASH £££ for high end godly armour full set.

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LOL Daz has got it bad :)

I don't keep spare armour, so if I had those parts, you literally be taking the shirt off my back :-O

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Website Developer
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ll be online tonight,
Give me a shout and ill have a look at what i have.

Started collecting armour again, (Sold it all before)

Chrystal Tracker is not needed for Summit Insane,
Genie and Good Piercing shot is just needed.

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