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OK, so I'm going for my 10 streak trophy and I've switched to Germany because having planes as your strength is pretty fucking pointless in RUSE. I'm doing all right, started with a 2 streak from yesterday and carried it on to 7 tonight.

But then the next game starts - problem with Rickety Rick, blam, 2 seconds in: "Total Victory". So initially I'm thinking "sweet - easy win", but I notice my streak indicator has gone. Hmmm, that's weird I thought, but carried on.

Got match made against the same laggy prick next game too, but this time it goes on for 20 minutes (10 minutes game time) before he DC's again and I get a supposed win.

Then I win another couple of games and my streak counter is back saying 2 win streak. WTF? I'm on an 11 streak now you bastard...FFS

At least I can go to bed having just smashed the shit out of a guy 5 levels higher than me, who was also playing Germany... That was an awesome game, to slightly offset the realisation that not only do I need to win 10 times in a row for that trophy, I also need the luck of the draw to get matched with someone with a stable(ish) connection.

EDIT: [/rant] Please feel free to tone down the topic title :)

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reminds me of mine n daves 11 killstreak on unranked, the game froze (well didnt load in) we sat for 10minutes.. had to ps button, we lost the killstreak, some guy with a shit net, fucking thing.

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