Consumer Electronics Show 2023 the dumb and glorious

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CES isn't just for the likes of Microsoft and Sony to shine, it's also a place to show how dumb ideas get sold to dumber consumers.
How about a gaming pod that weighs 500KGs? The stupidest microphone you've ever seen that's also just for VR? How about checking your piss for problems, because the colour and smell isn't enough?
How about a TV that costs 3x more than any other TV, but this one sucks itself (off) to flat smooth surfaces? Has no cables and is battery powered, but so are the suction cups... so don't let the batteries go flat! A handy way to let burglars that you have more money than sense and your house is worth breaking into!

CES does have some gems, some things to look forward to in future, and some things you can get now.

One of my favourite being the Desktop PC window hologram.

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