Driveclub, it's a shame it died

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I didn't get this on release day on the PS4, I waited for the reviews and the game sucked. It promised so much and delivered little of the new ideas and challenges. Overall though it was lauded as a great racing game. Albeit a plain boring racing game without the new online and friend challenges.

At the time we at The Mess-Hall had been bitten by several games that promised the earth but delivered nothing but a buggy mess. Games that took months to actually get to a point that it would now be safe to release it. In other words, games that were incomplete.

Driveclub was also one of these games, under the skin it was a great racing game, but face value, it was meant to be amazing. Challenge friends, see friends ghosts, timed sections, average speeds and so much more. But because there was either an issue with the server code, or there weren't enough servers for the playerbase, it doesn't matter. It couldn't deliver on day one, week one, or month one. But after a couple of months all these issues were lifted and the multiplayer aspects came into fruition.

This elevated DriveClub from a great racing game to an outstanding racing game. Sadly the damage was done and Evolution Studios eventually closed, what's worse is that Sony wouldn't help, they already had Gran Turismo and another racing sim would be one too many. Evo had to go.

You can still play the game, but you can't buy any content, and it's not available on PSN to buy... But if you find a boxed copy of the game for sale, it does work and update on the PS5.
Oh and it's still as glorious and gorgeous as it always was, but now even better... 4K!
The challenge elements have gone, the servers are gone, but all the patches are still there and the final version still stands alone as one of the best racing games ever made. IMHO even FAR FAR better than Gran Turismo. Almost as good as the studio's previous games, Motorstorm Monument Valley, and Motorstorm Pacific Rift... I did say almost as good.

The 2014 Driveclub trailer

Driveclub on the PS5 in GLORIOUS 4K.

Why you should play Driveclub and not GT7

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